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Walking in Relationship with GOD by Restoring His Time

Welcome to Covenant Media's updated and edited version of "Walking in Newness of God's Solar Sabbath Calendar." The research, which began in 2015, is now finished and ready for download. In addition, we have added new articles, scriptural and historical references, and graphics for a better understanding of the truth in each chapter.  The enclosed information, taken from the original Hebrew, Greek, and Ge'ez languages, addresses the missing facts not found in the 66-book canon of the King James Bible. These all-important truths are essential for keeping the New Covenant and having a foundational relationship with our Father in Heaven.

Some might ask why the Ge'ez language because it is the oldest Biblical canon that kept the original books of the Bible, 81 in total. The Books of Enoch and Jubilee were discovered in Ethiopia and written in the Ge'ez from the original Greek and Hebrew languages, thought lost until the early 19th Century. These foundational books were removed by the Jewish religious hierarchy long before the King James canon existed. The decision to "do away with" these writings come from damaging theological scripture written within these books, contrary to the Jewish calendar system imposed in the 2nd Century A.D.

If you have ever wanted to learn the truth about the accurate Biblical Calendar, the one Abraham, Issac, and Jacob observed as well as ancient Israel, you are in the right place. Alohym's natural cycles of time, i.e., calendar, were not created by the hands of men, unlike the Gregorian and Jewish religious calendars of today. People observe many other religious calendars, but all these are creations of men, so are you worshiping creation or the Creator?

Download the free research study and find out when the day begins. Who authorized the change in the Jewish calendar, removed the books from the canon, and why. These are just a few of the subjects researched and brought to life. Did you know that our Messiah didn't die at 3 pm? Dig in, brethren, and learn the truth of the matter.

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