Living the New Covenant
"A Finished Work"

Over four years ago Covenant Media set out on a journey few have taken and that was to find and establish the true cycles of God's time i.e. calendar. The content of this research revolves around revealed scriptural, historic and scientific knowledge concerning the one and only calendar of (God) Alohym. The information within the pages of this research comes from thousands of study hours with regard to the Greek, Ge’ez and Hebraic scriptural languages. The object of this research was to first prove (God) Alohym had a calendar different from the religious calendars of today and secondly could we prove through scripture, science and history that it not only existed but was infallible, the answer was astoundingly yes.

The scriptural research involved in this study was not limited to just the Old and New Testament Bible but embraced some of the oldest know biblical books written in the Ge’ez (Ethiopic) language, books like Enoch, Jubilee’s, Baruch, Tobit and the Maccabees just to name a few. Our search also embraced the writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls that is those scripts that were not influenced by Judaism.

As researchers and teachers the biggest issue that we  faced was sifting through the error which comes from the influence of Satan's kingdom through the traditions and doctrines of mankind of which Yahusha (Christ) told us not to follow. One must understand that "those" teaching the "Word" of truth are held in greater accountability to Alohym, so we better be teaching the truth of the matter. This site and all its teachings are subject to change in accordance to understanding new truth. Brethren, freedom depends on the truth and we make mistakes but at Covenant Media we can honestly ask for your forgiveness and patience as we all move forward in new understanding. We are growing as a body and getting more refined through the faith and belief in Christ who lives through us.

Blessings to all!

Getting to the truth is no laughing matter and time is running short. Now is the time to act and sow the seeds of truth and revelation through education that all followers can make an informed decision and hopefully land on fertile soil. Take heed: To those who "argue" over these subjects need to read 2 Timothy 2:14 - 15. Our Messiah said "he who has an ear let him hear" but be careful and search out what you hear, be berean Acts 17:11.

New Articles Coming Soon:

What is the true meaning of Grace?

How many times have you ever heard someone say; "they are under grace", for an excuse to keep on sinning or it becomes a license for ignorance to Alohym's (Gods) commandments. After our research into this subject you may want to rethink your view on this subject. The Apostle Paul (Shaul) states that we have "grace" by obedience into conviction through Christs name. (Ref; Romans Ch.1; v4-5) That being the case, the word "grace" must have a connection with obedience meaning there is a "time period" involved with Alohym's favor! (This article of understanding will be out soon)  

Genesis; Understanding the Beginning!

The creation, destruction and rejuvenation story of Earth encompassed in Genesis chapter 1 and 2 now resides as a finished article in the first chapter of the Research study called;  "Genesis; Understanding the Beginning". This article goes into the depths of the Hebrew language and addresses a number of  English translation discrepancies. This article also addresses the "Gap" understanding of Jeremiah 4 as Alohym reflects to the past as stated in the language and addresses the previous worlds destruction do to unrighteousness. 

There have been those who refuse to believe (God) Alohym would destroy His creation but once you understand Jeremiah 4 and the reasons behind Gods action, the answer becomes all to clear. Did Alohym do evil when He brought the flood upon the Earth or destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah due to unrighteous? Alohym can not be tempted by evil (James 1:13) but created beings can do to free will.

Enjoy this article as it will challenge you and hopefully give you an understanding that as believers we can not put our sovereign creator in a box and be  expect to grow.

Prophetic events since Rev Ch.12; v1, 1260 Day period. Update 9/28/19

1.) The dedication of the Jewish Third Temple Altar, Dec 2018.
2.) The Seventy Nations Founding Conference Sept 25-27, 2019, (Rev 12:3) (Rev 13:1) There is also an animal sacrifice planned on the Mount of Olives, is this the setting up of the
Abomination of Desolation (Matthew Ch.24, Daniel Ch.11)
3.) Noahide Laws to be applied as a world standard (Already a part of U.S Law)
4.) The recognition of Islam in the Jewish Temple & Jerusalem
5.) One world Digital (system) of managing money, no escape will be here in less then 6 months

More coming soon, but do you think that this is all a coincidence? Learn about Living in the New Covenant, it is all free for your knowledge and understanding, stand with Messiah and not with the world!