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Saturday, "The Sabbath Christ Never Knew"

Regarding matters of the heart concerning the Sabbath day, are you sure you're worshiping (YHUH) Yahuah (the LORD) on the correct 7th day? You may be surprised to find through documented history that the actual Sabbath day, the one that Christ (Yahusha) kept, was never on the day called Saturday. This article brings good news of the Gospel, which in the last days, the lost sheep scattered abroad would fulfill their prophetic "fullness of the Gentiles." Who would embrace Christ, their savior, and king, by the power of the Holy Spirit? Who would then lead His remnant into a Godly relationship by unveiling His one accurate calendar?

The articles in this research come from various (Roman) authors and exhibit true and accurate historical information. Believers coming out of the modern church and into the light of new scriptural truth seem to "always" overlook or ignore historical documentation. Due to this lack of knowledge, they rush into a Saturday congregation, thinking it is the Sabbath day. More than anything, Alohym wants to have a relationship with you through obedience but on his Sabbath day. Once you answer this question, revelation will come, "who said that Saturday and the Sabbath are synonymous?" Ecclesia, it is time we embrace the truth of history and let go of the traditions and doctrines of men and false religions!

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What do you mean,"Beginning of your Months"?
What is scripture tell us when it says"at the beginnings of your months". This phrase is mentioned several times in the Bible and does have significant meaning when it comes to Alohym's true cycles of time i.e. calendar. (Click to download this Article)

From Exodus to the  Covenant: Updated 11/16/21
This article has been updated and combines Parts 1 & 2 for better reading. This article starts from the Exodus of the Israelites from Ramses Egypt and ends on the day Moses returned from Mount Sinai with the Tablets of Stone, the Ten Commandments. This article was researched and written to show the exact dates and times that fall on Alohym's true and accurate calendar system. This article is a must-read for those wanting to get historical accuracy of when these events occurred according to the actual ancient Hebrew calendar. This article, coupled with Alohym's calendar, proves the accuracy of only one calendar system, Alohym's.

Discovering the Truth about Psalms 104:9 (Update 10/6/21)
So many Sabbath believers around the world state that Psalms 104:19 has something to do with the appointed times (Feast and Sabbaths) of Alohym, but is this the truth, or is David simply giving praise to our Father in Heaven for His creation? (Click on the title and download this Article)

Is the Sabbath day your Sign? - Updated 12/2/19
What did Alohym (God) mean when he stated that the Sabbath day is to be observed throughout their generations, a perpetual covenant between God and the sons of Israel forever? Was the Sabbath day set aside when Christ became our high Priest which changed the law? Let’s read Exodus 31:16-17 from the King James Bible which outlines for us just what the observance of the Sabbath means to His people. (Click on the Title and download the latest update)

Were tzitzth's a symbol of faith? - (Updated 9/19/21)
Among the controversial questions Torah believers struggle with when moving into new covenant living, is wearing tzitzth's i.e. tassels. Why were these symbols of remembrance imposed on Israel as described in Numbers 15:32-39. In wearing this symbol, does it indicate which priesthood you associate with, and do these symbols have any application to New Testament living? What was Alohym’s reasoning behind the men of Israel wearing tzitzth’s? (Click on the title and download this Article)

Did Yahusha (Christ) die at 3pm - Updated 3/20/18
Did our Messiah really die at 3pm in the afternoon hours before sunset or could it be an elaborate deception to support the lies of a false calendar? In this article you will find that Hebrew and Greek/Roman methods of counting time are different. If Messiah did die at 3pm in the afternoon as some religions teach, He would have been disqualified as our Redeemer & Savior. (Want to read more, click on the title and download this Article)

The Occultic Calendar - Removed for Update

Is the calendar that you live by filled with Occultism? As a follower of Messiah are you on His time of mans? (Click on the title and download this Article)

Alohym's New 2017-2029 Calendar
This is the latest calendar revision along with a new calendar legend. Updated on 3/28/22

Alohym's Seasonal Sabbaths and divisional day
According to Enoch and the Sacrificial law

This article focuses on the true seasonal Sabbaths and divisional days of Alohym. The contents in this article address in great detail the writings of Enoch, Jubilee's and the Tanakh concerning the Seasonal Sabbaths, seasonal division days, and the Feast of Alohym (God) according to the sacrificial law. It was  Yahusha (per-incarnate Christ) who set up the sacrificial law and through those sacrifices outlined the Feast days of Alohym to his people.

As believers and followers of Yahusha (Christ) are we upholding His way of life or do we humanize His word making it our own? If you are holding the standard of Alohym that means you are living by the scriptural word and able to change one’s life when needed to be obedient to Him. Humanizing His word, means you are making His word fit your lifestyle, regardless of scripture truth. Now that may sound harsh and hurt your feelings but whose feelings are you really hurting, our Creators. As human beings, we seem to forget that our Creator has thoughts and feelings as we were created in His image and likeness. (Click on the title and download the Article)

(New) Divorce and Remarriage
There are many Torah observant believers that have asked the question "should one get remarried after divorce"? Christ along with the Apostle Paul make this subject quite clear. In Matthew Ch.19, Christ (Yahusha) addresses the reason why the written letter of Divorcement was given, which was due to the hardened hearts of the Israelite's. Christ elaborates in chapter 19 that no longer can you just put away your wife but for good reason and mentions fornication as that reason, but is there more to the story? This article is short but addresses further scriptural cause for divorce and remarriage. (Click Here download the article)


Resource Articles


The Real Truth about the Gregorian Calendar
This article was written by "The Worlds Last" it gives and excellent understanding of how the Julian 8 days calendar became the 7 day calendar the world observes today. The Julian/Gregorian calendar is first and foremost a Religious calendar. If this were truly Alohym's calendar the day's of the week would not shift in a seven year cycle. (Click on the title to download the Article)

The Book of Jubilee's the Witness to Enoch, "Truth or Lies"?
Is the Book of Jubilee's a Witness to the Book of Enoch? Believe it or not the cycles of time outlines in chapter 6 of Jubilee's matches Enoch calendar described in Chapter 72 in the Book of Enoch, coincidence? (Click on the title and download the Article)

The Equinox; The great Misunderstanding - Revised 4/16/20
Have you ever wondered who discovered the Equinoxes? According to History it was a Greek mathematician who discovered the procession of the Equinoxes and not our Heavenly Father. Question; where in the 66 Book canon of which most religions deem as inspired can you show me one scripture about the Equinox. Maybe it's time to research the truth of the matter, it is your life that hangs in the balance. (Time grows short)