Walking in the Newness of God's Solar Sabbath Calendar

Part 1: Understanding Genesis; The Beginning - New Version
(Review) In Part 1, learn the truth about Genesis through the Hebrew language
and not through the tradition or doctrine of men, a history not explained!
Part 2: The Firmament; Digging Deeper - New Version
(Review) In Part 2, learn the truth about the lights in the heavens, the sun
and stars.
Part 3: When does the Biblical day begin - New Version
(Review) In Part 3, learn when God's day begins and why!
Did you know Ancient Israel celebrated a morning to morning day!
Part 4: New Moon or New Month - New Version
(Review) In Part 4, did the KJV Bible translators make the same scriptural error 20 plus times? Is religious pious responsible for this error
new moon or new month, Click to read more
Part 5: Exposing Error & Exalting Truth - New Version
(Review) In Part 5, man's calendar systems become exposed for what they are and how they work. While God's calendar is perfect, never moving, and excellent from Sabbath to Sabbath, Feast to Feast, Click to read more.
Part 6: Alohym's True Calendar - New Version
(Review) In Part 6, learn all about Equilux day and its perfection. Learn
about how the Sabbath day is the 1st day
of God's New year and
season. Click to read more.
Part 7: Alohym's Weekly Sabbaths & Annual Festivals  - New Version
(Review) In Part 7, learn all about the Feasts and Sabbaths according to their scriptural understanding. According to scripture, the Feast and weekly Sabbaths are together; did you know this? Click to read more.
Part 8: "The Sign of Jonah," A Matter of the Heart - New Version
(Review) In Part 8, learn all about the true sign of Jonah, which had nothing to do with the erroneous three-day and night teaching of Messiah in the grave! Scripture records a much different story, a spiritual matter of the heart. Click to read more.
Part 9: Messiah, Master of the Sabbath- New Version
(Review) In Part 9, learn the truth about the Last Supper as portrayed by scripture. Did you know the translation error over the word "Passover" has confused many believers? Want to know why? Click to read more.
Part 10: A New Spiritual Awakening - New version
(Review) In Part 10, learn the truth about the sign of Revelation 12. Did you know that the woman of Rev. 12:1 is the virgin bride of New Jerusalem and not the church! Also now included within this chapter are the Daniel 9, Messiah Prophecy, and the updated graphic timeline chart.
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